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How it all started

So here I am, I started this blog to post my thoughts on different topics and not have to copy all of them from my Diary on computer, but just to have it all here, in one place so all interested people, and people who I want to get help from can access this easier.

From today morning ((when I wrote this it was 14th of april) I quit: smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, smoking weed, watching movies etc, playing games on computer, generally speaking I decided to try the ascetic way.

"Be strong, o man! lust, enjoy all things of sense and rapture: fear not that any God shall deny thee for this." AL II:22

For the past half a year I was living in UK, working through temp. agency, drinking or smoking weed almost every day, playing games, watching tv, chilling out basicly. 11 days ago I went to Poland, my home country and had the time of my life, I drunk a lot, took drugs, spent almost every day with a girl I enjoy beying with. After this time and lots of talking with my friends I decided that it's time to get my life straight and to come back on spiritual path.

I'm not very good at writing blogs and diarys, but I'll try my best to describe what I'm going through and what's going in my head, and hopefuly I'll help some people with those little stories of mine.

At the moment my biggest problem is to find something that I should improve in and do as a job.
I know... for a person that considers himself as a spiritual being its quite a basic thing.

Anyway, today I bought a book: "An introduction to The Golden Dawn Tarot" by Robert Wang. I'm satisfied and I started to study it straight away. Reading it helps me to improve my english (which I always enjoy) as well as repeat some basic information about whole Magick.

Damn, it happened again, each time I start a diary or a blog I loose interest in it and I don't know what to write.
Well, I gonna leave it as it is then for today, and tomorrow write something new.


Love is the Law, love under Will.

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Hi Krystian, welcome to the UK....out of interest what area of London do you live in?

I actually live in Hastings, in East Sussex.

When I post about London I just check websites and blogs about it, and ask my mates from London trough msn.

Thanks for the comment, as you can see it's the first one.

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