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How to get a mobile phone in Britain and Prada phone review by me

In this article I'll explain shortly how to get a mobile phone in Britain, and general "rules" for getting it.

What do You need to get a mobile phone:

* Passport - like I wrote in one of my previous articles, passport is the most useful document You have, and You will need to show it in mobile shop as a proof of your identity in order to get a phone

* Bank account, Debit/Credit Card - It doesn't matter how old You have Your account, when I was getting my phone it was only 4 days old, and I had only like 60£ on it, don't forget your pin number >.>

* A document with your address in England, i.e. tax slip, rent slip, bank statement, that will prove that You live in England "for good"

Where to buy a phone and difference between "pay as you go" and "contract"

I got a phone from "Phones 4 You", but to be honest I wasn't really happy with customer service there, the chick tried to sell me a shitty Samsung phone (sorry to samsung users, but they are just "worse" :/ )on a 35£ contract. When for 40£ in Orange I could get a Prada phone, which I did, review at the end of this article.
It's really best to first check prices and compare them on internet, or in branches of company that You want to have a phone with.
And then either go to "Phones 4 You" or "Carphone werehouse" and ask what they have to offer.

By the way, branches that are available in UK:

- 3 ( three )
- Vodafone
- Orange
- T-Mobile
- 02
- Virgin

(I think that's all, if You know more then comment and I'll edit this post.)

Pay as you go

It's best if You have a mobile and You are happy using it.
You can buy only a Sim card, then take off simlock from Your mobile at special places, You'll probably see a big sign on a window saying that they take off simlocks. I'm not sure about the price (will update).
You can also get a phone and a sim card, problem is that they're quite expensive in pay as you go.
Obvious advantage is that You only top up (buy credits for Your phone) when You need to. But if You don't have a phone yet, a good idea might be to take a cheapest contract and get a free phone.


Cheapest contract with a decent, free phone I seen was at O2 I think. It was 15£ and a good mp3 phone with 1 gb memory card.
Contracts are either for 12 months or 18 months, and depending on the cash You pay every month You get more free minutes.

Prada phone review

OMG It's a Prada phone! It's shiny, it's stylish, it got a pretty box, neat case, and even a little cloth to clean the screen, now how amazing is that?

In box You'll get headphones - really nice, with little Prada sign on each of them, usb cable, recharger.


It has mp3 player, camera, video recorder, voice recorder, it reads documents, it has internet and radio and finally a huge touch screen!!!
Even though it costs me 40£ per month in a contract, I get free 850 minutes, 300 text's and 150 minutes to orange a month for this price. I don't call to often, to be honest I just wanted this phone because it looks cool :)

Thats it for advantages, now cons.

Mp3 player - With phone You get only a 256 mb card, enough for 3 hours of music? And its mp3 player can rewind tracks, but I find it really slow, also If You want to listen to music AND browse photos it's impossible...same with using camera & listening to music
Camera - I is only 2 megapixel, recently there was a Nokia phone with 5+ megapixel one :/
Battery - it runs out so quickly! It only lets You listen to mp3 for like 5 hours.
If You want to browse internet, make photos, record a video and listen to some mp3 afterwards the battery will run out really quickly.
Documents - It's quite weird because this phone can read .txt files, .pdf files, and it can't read .doc files...

So, if You can spare 40£ a month, and need a stylish, representative phone then Prada is Your choice. If You try to save money, and just need phone for emergency and for an occasional call to Your mum, then go for a cheapest contract You can get.

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How to get a job in England

Let's say that you just arrived in England. Most people come to England without knowing where to search for work.
In this short article I'll provide few tips from my own experience, even though I live in UK only for 8 months, I consider myself as a "professional Job seeker".

There’s few things that you should have with you most of the time:

- Passport - They will ask you for it when you will try to open a Bank account and at any recruitment agency, and when you will want to rent a room/ apartment,
- Driving License - If you have one, maybe you don't realize, but if you come from any country that is a member of European Union your driving license is valid in UK, and for about 20£+ you can exchange your driving license to a UK one - really useful in getting a job,
- National Insurance Number Card - When you first arrive to England you won't have English National Insurance Number, but once you get it, carry the card with you at all times,
- CV - Essential for getting a better job then manual one, and in some agencies they will ask for a CV whether you look for an office work or for a manual one.

Recruitment Agencies and such

Not many people realize that England is a great place to find a job! It really is. You have not only Recruitment Agencies, but also government-sponsored companies that will help you with your CV (I'll provide a good CV example in other article), with confidence during an interview, and that will advice you where to look for a job suitable for you.

Unemployment in UK exist only because of English teenagers who are too lazy to work and rather have two kids and live with parents and claim benefits then study or get a better job. I see it every day, 15 year old girls with a child or two and a young chav who isn't even sure if it's his kid. (Sorry for off topic)

As soon as you get to the place in England where you would like to live sign up in every recruitment agency and remember that keeping good relationships with people who work there is essential for getting a job, because only from those people it depends whether they get you a job or no.

Call them often!

When you work for a Temp Agency, then sometimes they will have nothing for you, that’s why it's best to sign up to few of them. But when you are without a job call them, once a day, just asking if there is ANYTHING you could do, they won't mind, they are used to it, so you better get used to it too.

Of course, there are downsides of getting a job through Recruitment Agency. An agency earns money each hour that you work. They "sell" your work to a company that they cooperate with, so that company, pays let's say 8£ per hour of your work, but you get only 6£, the 2£ left goes to recruitment agency.
It's a good place to find first job, just to make some money for living, so you don't die of hunger, but in a bigger perspective it's best to find a job through Job Centre or Friday-Ad or any newspaper that posts job offers.

Keep improving!

In your town, even if it’s small, there has to be a library, there usually you will be able to find out about free courses. Maybe there’s Learn Direct, maybe something else, but there has to be something that will provide you with free improving your skills.
It’s very important to show your employer that your skills and personal development are essential for you and that you are willing to invest energy to learn new stuff.
Most people come to England with some education and some skills and just stay same, get any job and generally stop improving. The key to a real success is to keep improving, learning new stuff, not to be stagnant.

More on this topic in few days when I gather more info and get used to my new job.

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My weird way of beying in control and some other thoughts

The whole idea of restricting or maybe even quitting alcohol, cigarettes etc is to mobilize me and give me motivation. I now understood how much time I used to spend on entertainment. Problem with living only with entertainment is that the more you use something the less effect it gives. Hopefully, my plan will work and I'll manage to work through whole week and improve myself in every evening and only take my drug in friday evening, to continue working on myself on weekend.
Today I'm filling english literacy tests and maybe later on I'll read on tarot. I noticed that if i completely concentrate on something I don't get suicide-like thoughts nor I feel depression. So, it's quite a positive experience.

Hmm, today, maybe yesterday I finally understood how to separate my being from feelings.
It's so simple, but somehow I needed to experience it through a trance of sadness.
"me" or "I" that part of my mind, is not feelings, feelings surround it, they are AROUND it not INSIDE. Whether it's sadness, happiness, fear, those all feelings only surround my soul (?), my mind (?), so why should I even care about them? or pay attention to them? They are gonna vanish, or mutate into other ones, thats so simple, they are like clouds on the sky, they come and go.
Now I understood that feelings won't be in my way any more, in my way of achieving the Great Work.

yeah, i have to write it now as fast as i can so i wont use punctuation etc,

Thing is, i just though that i got into a calm state of mind in which i can be like a rock, not moved by anything, but now i understand its fake! its a lie, to get me sleep, to make me feel confortable so i lower my guard and get into same thinking pattern as before, wonder if i can oppose this clever weapon on my enemy.

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My wallpapers and others

If You would like any of those wallpapers in full size, comment and leave your e-mail and I'll be happy to send them to you.

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My take on movies and tv series and entertainment in general

Parts of this text come directly from my conversation with my friends in poland, whole topic came from watching "prison brake", one of those US tv series... thing is, it's just so perfect! I'm sure that 90% people that will watch it will judge it as "good" or even better.

Problem is, this series doesn't bring anything new to the gerne. Not only that, it won't teach you anything new, you won't think of any new ideas or issues after seeing whole series. Last thing that could save this poor show is shocking the viewer or moving any higher emotions, showing gore or some big tits, but no - we don't get any of that as well, thats just so sad.

Now, tell me, how something so valueless and pointless can be so entertaining and "interesting" to an average viewer.
My friend called this new type of movies and series as a "new wave of movies that will suit whole audience".

I can understand some old series like "friends" or "er" that were capable of entertaining lots of viewers, but not on this scale.
It really seems that in our times series like "doctor house", "lost", "prison brake" and movies like "300" are only made to "suit" us and to "be watched", not even to give entertainment.(it's just what I've seen and can judge, I'm not sure how many more of that shit is going on at the moment)

In old times movie, or cinemas grandfather - theater had to move certain feelings in audience to be judged as "good performance", in our times more and more seems to be pointless and shallow. How come that mass entertainment changed so much, from topics that would have deep meaning to this bullshit that we have to watch.

Same with computer games, maybe that comparision will suit more readers if there are any...
In old times games were good, playable, interesting, now it's all about graphics, not about the idea.

When I watched "300" I expected something whole, deep, interesting, meaningful, not a show with killing through whole movie, going to cinema in our times seems to be really pointless, no higher emotions, nothing influential...

Generally about Entertainment

In our times people tend to watch telly all the time, few hours daily, people watch same things all over again, same movies, same episodes of their favourite series, etc. Maybe that's why it's all boring and it doesn't give us any emotional experiences, because we "been there, done that".

General rule on drugs, alcohol, cigarettes is that, "the more you take, the more you need to feel same effect". I experienced it a lot, especially with marihuana. I think it's similar with television. We watch it more, hence we need more of it to feel same effect. Problem is - the same effect won't come. We won't feel great emotions, drama and action, we got way too used to it, tv in our times insteed of beying a once-a-time entertainment became something we have every day, any time we want.

I decided not to watch tv every day, not to take drugs, alcohol, smoke cigarettes, etc. And I know that the longer I can maintain that state, the better it'll taste when I decide to try them again.

Thats a great way of motivating myself. If I achieve something, like finishing a IT course which I'm starting next week, getting a new job, beying able to maintain Lotus-Seat position, then I'll be happy to reward myself with a night out drinking, or some cool drug, watching few movies with mates and relaxing while smoking weed and cigarettes. But doing it every day not only lowers my chances of self development, but also makes the effect dull and boring.

Think about it.

Well, that's my take, I'm not a good writer, but I really wanted to share my view.

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How it all started

So here I am, I started this blog to post my thoughts on different topics and not have to copy all of them from my Diary on computer, but just to have it all here, in one place so all interested people, and people who I want to get help from can access this easier.

From today morning ((when I wrote this it was 14th of april) I quit: smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, smoking weed, watching movies etc, playing games on computer, generally speaking I decided to try the ascetic way.

"Be strong, o man! lust, enjoy all things of sense and rapture: fear not that any God shall deny thee for this." AL II:22

For the past half a year I was living in UK, working through temp. agency, drinking or smoking weed almost every day, playing games, watching tv, chilling out basicly. 11 days ago I went to Poland, my home country and had the time of my life, I drunk a lot, took drugs, spent almost every day with a girl I enjoy beying with. After this time and lots of talking with my friends I decided that it's time to get my life straight and to come back on spiritual path.

I'm not very good at writing blogs and diarys, but I'll try my best to describe what I'm going through and what's going in my head, and hopefuly I'll help some people with those little stories of mine.

At the moment my biggest problem is to find something that I should improve in and do as a job.
I know... for a person that considers himself as a spiritual being its quite a basic thing.

Anyway, today I bought a book: "An introduction to The Golden Dawn Tarot" by Robert Wang. I'm satisfied and I started to study it straight away. Reading it helps me to improve my english (which I always enjoy) as well as repeat some basic information about whole Magick.

Damn, it happened again, each time I start a diary or a blog I loose interest in it and I don't know what to write.
Well, I gonna leave it as it is then for today, and tomorrow write something new.


Love is the Law, love under Will.

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