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My take on movies and tv series and entertainment in general

Parts of this text come directly from my conversation with my friends in poland, whole topic came from watching "prison brake", one of those US tv series... thing is, it's just so perfect! I'm sure that 90% people that will watch it will judge it as "good" or even better.

Problem is, this series doesn't bring anything new to the gerne. Not only that, it won't teach you anything new, you won't think of any new ideas or issues after seeing whole series. Last thing that could save this poor show is shocking the viewer or moving any higher emotions, showing gore or some big tits, but no - we don't get any of that as well, thats just so sad.

Now, tell me, how something so valueless and pointless can be so entertaining and "interesting" to an average viewer.
My friend called this new type of movies and series as a "new wave of movies that will suit whole audience".

I can understand some old series like "friends" or "er" that were capable of entertaining lots of viewers, but not on this scale.
It really seems that in our times series like "doctor house", "lost", "prison brake" and movies like "300" are only made to "suit" us and to "be watched", not even to give entertainment.(it's just what I've seen and can judge, I'm not sure how many more of that shit is going on at the moment)

In old times movie, or cinemas grandfather - theater had to move certain feelings in audience to be judged as "good performance", in our times more and more seems to be pointless and shallow. How come that mass entertainment changed so much, from topics that would have deep meaning to this bullshit that we have to watch.

Same with computer games, maybe that comparision will suit more readers if there are any...
In old times games were good, playable, interesting, now it's all about graphics, not about the idea.

When I watched "300" I expected something whole, deep, interesting, meaningful, not a show with killing through whole movie, going to cinema in our times seems to be really pointless, no higher emotions, nothing influential...

Generally about Entertainment

In our times people tend to watch telly all the time, few hours daily, people watch same things all over again, same movies, same episodes of their favourite series, etc. Maybe that's why it's all boring and it doesn't give us any emotional experiences, because we "been there, done that".

General rule on drugs, alcohol, cigarettes is that, "the more you take, the more you need to feel same effect". I experienced it a lot, especially with marihuana. I think it's similar with television. We watch it more, hence we need more of it to feel same effect. Problem is - the same effect won't come. We won't feel great emotions, drama and action, we got way too used to it, tv in our times insteed of beying a once-a-time entertainment became something we have every day, any time we want.

I decided not to watch tv every day, not to take drugs, alcohol, smoke cigarettes, etc. And I know that the longer I can maintain that state, the better it'll taste when I decide to try them again.

Thats a great way of motivating myself. If I achieve something, like finishing a IT course which I'm starting next week, getting a new job, beying able to maintain Lotus-Seat position, then I'll be happy to reward myself with a night out drinking, or some cool drug, watching few movies with mates and relaxing while smoking weed and cigarettes. But doing it every day not only lowers my chances of self development, but also makes the effect dull and boring.

Think about it.

Well, that's my take, I'm not a good writer, but I really wanted to share my view.

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