Monday, 11 February 2008

My new website

Just wanted to link, I don't write about moving to England anymore, I changed my "career" to website designer, I'm sure I'll be better in this ^_^

Sunlust Designs

Saturday, 2 June 2007

I moved my blog

I decided to move this blog to my own new host and new domain, took me some time to set it up but I believe it's worth it, as I consider it not only as my hobby but as something a lot more.

new address is :

Looks a lot better, works a lot better and I just like it more to have it all on my own host, also I really felt like improving and developing the idea, and my own host gives more possibilities.

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

English Slang - not adviced for anyone under 18!

That text is not for anyone under 18, contains strong language.

First I’ll list few movies which are really worth watching before you come to England, most of slang is in them, as well as most of English reality.

Trainspotting – hardcore movie about drugs
Human Traffic – shows how life of most 20+ year old people looks
Green Street - about football fans with that guy from Lord of the Rings in it
Football Factory – another football movie
Kidulthood – about London teenagers

Want to insult someone? Someone almost run you over and you want to say something else then just “fuck you” ? Or did you just met a cool group of English teenagers and want to sound as cool as they?

Read this then, a list of popular teenage terms, thanks to this you will sound like a proper English bloke/chavette.

To be cool:

Insteed of saying “ass” say “arse”, ass is American, when arse is English. Means same thing, butt, bum.

When you or someone in your group get drunk you can say “he is off his nut”, “he is wankered”, “he is pissed” (that’s the most popular one), “rat-arsed”, “shitfaced”, “he is a piss-head”. If you took drugs then you got “wasted” or “stoned”.

But to piss or pee means to urinate. “I pissed on my neighbours car yesterday...when I was completely rat-arsed.”

To "bang" someone or to "shag" someone means to have sex with him/her. “I shagged that bird twice, and then some other guy banged her, innit.”

When someone says “wow that’s a lovely bird over there” it doesn’t mean they are nature-lovers, it means they just seen a good looking girl.
So, bird, chick, piece of arse = girl

To "act bitchy" doesn’t mean to fuck around or sleep around, it means to be moody and generally not nice to others. “Oi, stop acting bitchy or I gonna spank ya.”

A bloke is a term used for a guy, lad, like me, I’m a good looking bloke :p
Dude is American equivalent. “That Mike is a nice lad.”

Bull goes for that male cow, as well as for bullshit, which means not true, lying etc. When someone is bullshitting it means they are lying to you. “That’s total bullshit.”

A ciggy is slang for a cigarette, same as fag.
But in England most people smokes roll-ups, small cigarettes that you roll up yourself, using a rizla (paper) some tobacco and a filter. “Can I pinch you a rollup mate?”

Fag stands for a gay person as well, so don’t get confused. Other names for gay are homo and fudge-packer, queer. “I’m not homophobic, I have a queer friend.”

Weed, grass, pot, ganja, stand for marihuana, and if you roll a spliff it means you are having a perfumed cigarette or a biff. “Oh man, that’s some nice skunk you got in that spliff.”

Words that mean an idiot or an unpleasant person are: plonker, wanker, asshole, twat, cunt, bastard, retard. Cunt, twat means also woman's genitalia, and both those words are considered most offensive in English language.

“You fucking retarded wanker!”

Chav is a bloke that often wears tracksuit and white trainers, they are a bit like hip-hop wanna be, when most of them just listens to dance music. Chavette is a female equivalent. “That fucking chav is just asking for beating, innit”

Mate – very common term, it’s just the way people say to each other, means something like a friend, but can be used when speaking to anyone. “You alright mate?”.

Thick means either something big in seize, but if you say it as an insult it means stupid, thick as shit (or hell) means very stupid. “Oh my god, you are really thick as shit.”

Innit – now that’s a biggy, most often used by chavs, but all teenagers use this “word”. Contraction of "isn't it", "isn't he/she", "aren't they", "isn't there" and many other end-of-sentence questions. For greatest effect use in places where it would make no sense whatsoever if expanded. For example : “I got this new phone, innit” or “check this shit innit”, “innit”, “fucking twat stole my mobile, innit”, “I need a new pair of trainers, innit”.

Going down might mean that someone is losing or licking pussy/cock, depends on context.

I’ll keep that post updated as I remind myself more of English slang terms, most of them are insults, but that’s just the way slang is.

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