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Part 3 : Transport within UK

Today it is my Will to cover the topic of transport within UK, only essentially but with most important info.

Probably in next days I'll try to get the general prices of traveling to England, but I'm not sure about this...when I come to think about it, describing prices of all main coach services, airways from all countries of the world...hmmm >.>

So anyway, lets focus on transport in England for now. Because after you arrived to England you have to somehow get to the city that you chosed as your destination.


OMG, sorry for this purely internet jargon but I just love English trains, seriously, they are clean, fast, quiet, almost always on time, comfortable, air conditioned...just perfect.

And what's really important they're not expensive.

Well, that's the tricky part...They're not expensive when you for example travel to work and buy a weekly ticket, for my I spend 10£. It's only two stations from where I live, so not a long journey.

Now, a ticket from the place where I live to London costs over 20£, and I mean a ticket in one way, single.

A ticket from my place (it's near Brighton by the way - East Sussex) to Newcastle, return costs over 90£. But Newcastle is at the totally second side of England.

But a coach ticket to Poland costs 80£, where's the logic?

Ah, by the way, return ticket is like a ticket in both ways, it means that if you want to go to London and come back at the same day you have to get a "return".
I was confused at the beginning and I kept asking like "in both ways ticket please"...no comments... >.>

Anyway, here's the link to a website where you can check prices and times of trains from any part of England to any destination within UK that you can dream about, or rather, that trains go to.

You'll be able to find some special offers but what you need is "Journey Planer"

I love that tool, it's easy to use, gives you all info you need.

National Rail Enquiries website

Ah, one important thing, if you won't be able to buy a ticket from a machine on a station (I don't use them... had some bad experiences...don't ask) then remember that you can buy it from a ticket controller, they are usually really nice people and will be happy to help you.

I think that's the most essential info about train service in UK.

Coaches/ buses

OMG I just love National Express coaches...forgive me speaking of them in such superlatives, but really, when I first came to UK I was amazed.
In my country (Poland) trains and coaches are a total opposite to those in UK.
So seeing how well it all works here, and how great it looks made an impact on me, and even at one time I wanted to work in that business :D

Ok, back to the topic.

I don't really travel by coaches to be honest. From London to my place it took me almost 4 hours traveling by a coach, when by a train it's less then 2h.
Speaks for itself...

But then again, tickets are almost twice cheaper, so for maths fans:

2x time, but /2 price

=o I was never good in maths but I think that this is more or less how it looks in the end.
Coaches are more comfortable then trains(to help you get through that long journey),
drivers are really nice! I mean, I never seen such bond between travelers and such good manners from a coach driver in my life.

On the website, you will find similar journey planner as on the "trains one".

National Express website

Now, for buses, they're prices are different in each town I think, in mine a return ticket goes for 2.5£, a weekly ticket that covers whole town is around 8£.
Buses are quite alright...it's not the same standard as National Express of course, but drivers remain nice and polite and helpful and on average buses are quite clean.

About famous, red Double-Deckers.
(those buses with two "floors")
They are so awesome, especially the ones with open roof, not sure how they are called.
Those buses aren't only in England, you can find them in Hong Kong, Berlin, in some Cities in USA. But let's focus on those in England.

You can find them in whole England, not only in London like some tourists think.

I mean, double-deckers are the essence of England, one of things that people connect England with as soon as you mention them.
Just like Red Telephone Boxes. :D

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