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Getting a National Insurance Number in UK

This short article will explain how to obtain a National Insurance Number (NI number) in England, as the title shows, duh.

Getting National Insurance Number is essential, it's best to get it as soon as possible after arriving to UK, as it takes long to obtain it.
You can get a job without having one, but in a long run it makes life a lot easier, and it's free.

First thing You need to do is to call JobCentre Plus and arrange a meeting.

At the moment the number is : 0845 600 0643 (8am - 6pm Monday to Friday)

Jobcentre's plus site is : http://www.jobcentreplus.gov.uk

On that site You can find various different information on seeking job an such, useful.

Before making the call, prepare some documents, because usually they ask many questions, they will also ask for documents that You can provide to prove your address, that You work or actively seek for job and your nationality etc, and those documents will be needed during the meeting as well.

List of documents:

- Valid Passport
- Valid ID Card
- Two or more passports if of dual/multi nationality
- Home Office documents (more about Home Office agenda in next article)
- Work Permit (If you come from European Union then You won't need one)
- Letter from employer (not essential)
- Contract of employment - very important, ask your employer for one
- Evidence of actively seeking work (if you are unemployed, you can get it in your local JobCentre Plus)
- Payslips (usually recruitment agencies send them through post, so always save them)
- Mortgage agreement (I don't have one, maybe in future...)
- Rental agreement - again, very important document, it proves Your address in UK
- Letter confirming where residing - usefull if You don't have rental agreement
- Marriage / Civil Partnership certificate
- Birth certificate - not essential
- Deed poll
- Driving License - If You have one, not essential
- Police Registration Certificate

If You can't call, then there is a JobCentre Plus office in almost every city in UK, You can just go there and talk with an advisor regarding the meeting.

After You set the meeting, it usually will be in few months from the time You call them, they will send a letter on address that You provided.

It will contain the time and date of meeting, documents You should bring with yourself, etc.

Then, after the meeting it takes another few weeks to actually get the number, they will send you a form first, then a plastic card with number on it, don't loose it!

Now, if You are already employed, then provide Your employee with Your brand new Insurance Number.

Whether You will be looking for a new job, willing to claim JSA (Jobseeker's Allowance - more on it in following articles) person that will speak to You over the phone will always ask for You NI number, so have the card in Your wallet, same as debit card and ID, etc.

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