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How to get a mobile phone in Britain and Prada phone review by me

In this article I'll explain shortly how to get a mobile phone in Britain, and general "rules" for getting it.

What do You need to get a mobile phone:

* Passport - like I wrote in one of my previous articles, passport is the most useful document You have, and You will need to show it in mobile shop as a proof of your identity in order to get a phone

* Bank account, Debit/Credit Card - It doesn't matter how old You have Your account, when I was getting my phone it was only 4 days old, and I had only like 60£ on it, don't forget your pin number >.>

* A document with your address in England, i.e. tax slip, rent slip, bank statement, that will prove that You live in England "for good"

Where to buy a phone and difference between "pay as you go" and "contract"

I got a phone from "Phones 4 You", but to be honest I wasn't really happy with customer service there, the chick tried to sell me a shitty Samsung phone (sorry to samsung users, but they are just "worse" :/ )on a 35£ contract. When for 40£ in Orange I could get a Prada phone, which I did, review at the end of this article.
It's really best to first check prices and compare them on internet, or in branches of company that You want to have a phone with.
And then either go to "Phones 4 You" or "Carphone werehouse" and ask what they have to offer.

By the way, branches that are available in UK:

- 3 ( three )
- Vodafone
- Orange
- T-Mobile
- 02
- Virgin

(I think that's all, if You know more then comment and I'll edit this post.)

Pay as you go

It's best if You have a mobile and You are happy using it.
You can buy only a Sim card, then take off simlock from Your mobile at special places, You'll probably see a big sign on a window saying that they take off simlocks. I'm not sure about the price (will update).
You can also get a phone and a sim card, problem is that they're quite expensive in pay as you go.
Obvious advantage is that You only top up (buy credits for Your phone) when You need to. But if You don't have a phone yet, a good idea might be to take a cheapest contract and get a free phone.


Cheapest contract with a decent, free phone I seen was at O2 I think. It was 15£ and a good mp3 phone with 1 gb memory card.
Contracts are either for 12 months or 18 months, and depending on the cash You pay every month You get more free minutes.

Prada phone review

OMG It's a Prada phone! It's shiny, it's stylish, it got a pretty box, neat case, and even a little cloth to clean the screen, now how amazing is that?

In box You'll get headphones - really nice, with little Prada sign on each of them, usb cable, recharger.


It has mp3 player, camera, video recorder, voice recorder, it reads documents, it has internet and radio and finally a huge touch screen!!!
Even though it costs me 40£ per month in a contract, I get free 850 minutes, 300 text's and 150 minutes to orange a month for this price. I don't call to often, to be honest I just wanted this phone because it looks cool :)

Thats it for advantages, now cons.

Mp3 player - With phone You get only a 256 mb card, enough for 3 hours of music? And its mp3 player can rewind tracks, but I find it really slow, also If You want to listen to music AND browse photos it's impossible...same with using camera & listening to music
Camera - I is only 2 megapixel, recently there was a Nokia phone with 5+ megapixel one :/
Battery - it runs out so quickly! It only lets You listen to mp3 for like 5 hours.
If You want to browse internet, make photos, record a video and listen to some mp3 afterwards the battery will run out really quickly.
Documents - It's quite weird because this phone can read .txt files, .pdf files, and it can't read .doc files...

So, if You can spare 40£ a month, and need a stylish, representative phone then Prada is Your choice. If You try to save money, and just need phone for emergency and for an occasional call to Your mum, then go for a cheapest contract You can get.

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