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Part 2 : Do you need a work permit to live in UK?

One of important questions is: "Do I need a work permit to work and live in UK?"

First, if you live in one of European Union (EU) countries you don't need a work permit.

European countries that don't require work permit:

Czech Republic

Swiss nationals don't need work permit as well.

If you live in one of those countries then you can just come to England and work and live here with just your passport.

If you aren't citizen of one of those countries then u might consider checking if you need a UK visa to come to UK.
Click here to check by filling a short form

Basically, if you come from one of the countries on the list and you want to come to england for some time to work and get some cash, then passport is all what you need.

But, if you plan on moving to UK for good, getting a UK resident status and maybe in farer future UK citizenship then you will need to apply for National Insurance number. I described how to do it in my previous post:
Getting National Insurance Number in UK

Also, you will need to apply to Worker Registration Scheme.

Forms for this you can receive by contacting:

Telephone: 0117 3441471.

Or find a form yourself at: Website with all forms

If this is your first application, you must send with your application form:

- a letter from your UK employer which confirms the start date of your employment;

- two passport photographs;

- your passport or ID card;

- payment of £90.

I recommend that you send your application by recorded or special delivery.
Just ask about it at the Post Office, they will know what's that all about.

Getting the decision whether you will be allowed to join Worker Registration Scheme you need to wait up to 3 weeks.

For all the details regarding Worker Registration Scheme visit:
Worker Registration Scheme FAQ website

From my point of view.

I work in England for over eight months now, and no one ever asked me about any papers other then my passport. I don't know if I will stay in England forever, so spending 90£ on the process is quite stupid.

In the end, if you won't get the permission, no one gonna do anything about it, you won't face ANY consequences other then "possible delay in the process of getting citizenship".

Funny fact: a citizen of Gibraltar doesn't need the permit at all. o.o

Now, if you aren't from one of countries on the list

Then your country is probably on this list:

List of countries that citizens living in need UK visa

More on getting a visa :
UK Visa website

By the way, if you live in United States and plan on moving to UK, I have bad news, you need a visa.

I really don't understand this since UK and USA cooperate on battle-front and generally seem to like each other...

You have to make application either to Chicago, Los Angeles, or New York.

If you will to travel with your child or brother/sister, under age of 16 then you can include him/her in same form.

For more information for people from USA that would like to live in UK visit:
British embassies in USA website

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