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Series Part 1: Guide on how to move to England

Series Part 1: Do You have what it takes to move to UK ?

It's very important in every aspect of life to plan things, as one intelligent man once said “failing to plan is planning to fail”.

First of all answer yourself this question : "Why do I want to move to UK?"

So, why do you want to move to UK? Will you live here only for few months to get some cash from a work that you found through internet? Or are you moving with your family or planning to?
Or maybe you want to come for a year or more to study English but you would like to work part time so you can have some spare cash etc?

Whatever your reason/goal is I’ll try my best to provide you with tips, information and material that will help you.

Answering this first question is very important, not only because it’s important why you want to move to England, but also do you really want to move to England, and do you really have to do it to reach your goal?

Also, with clearly focused target it’s a lot easier to reach it and to succeed.

I would like you to think about it for a while, do you really want to face all problems with moving to England. Depending on your aim you will face different problems, of course most of them will be same, but there are some that will occur only in some cases.

In next parts of this series I will try to explain few main problems that you will face, and it’s only up to you to answer the question “Do I have what it takes to move to UK?”

Important thing is to realize that it’s nothing simple to move to England, most people who came to England can’t find job, many of them end up begging for money or asking in embassy to send them back to their homeland… Do you want to be one of them? I don’t think so.

Don’t understand me wrong, I am not saying that I am some super hero, because I work at office in England, I had good preparations made and a plan in my head, what I lacked was a blog like this one to help me to plan things, and to give me general output on stuff.

I’m also not saying that you can’t move to England and have a successful life without reading this blog, I just hope to make it easier for my readers, to share my experience.

Main topics that I will talk about in this series of posts:

- Problems that you will face coming to England
- How to prepare to journey
- What transport should you choose to come here – prices, websites etc
- Whether to move with friends or alone
- Transport prices within UK
- Prices for renting rooms, apartments etc
- General expenses
- Maybe even some slang :D

So stay put because in next days I’ll be expanding those topics.

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