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The 13 Safety Best Practices of London

London isn’t as dangerous as people say. Sure, it’s an infamous city for its high crime rate, but remember that most of it is pick-pocketing and bag-snatching.
Only on Oxford street – the capitals busiest shopping area, there are 35 cctv (Closed Circuit Television) cameras in operation. And police is really trying their best to keep London safe.

So without future ado, here goes my 13 tips:

1. During the day, on big streets and open areas it’s really safe, in busy places those in the centre, full of turists there is a risk of losing a wallet like I said earlier, but if you hide it well, and pay attention to your surroundings nothing will happen. Do not carry your wallet in your back pocket, so many people do that thinking “I will feel if someone gonna pinch it”, believe me, you won’t and even if you will, it might be too late.

2. The most common theft happens in restaurants and pubs, especially in central London where thieves prey on tourists. If you put your bag on the floor you may lose it.

3. If you get your bag, or wallet stolen, block your credit card/s as soon as possible, don’t wait till morning.

4. Cover up expensive looking jewellery.

5. If a car stops and you are threatened, scream and shout, and set off your personal attack alarm if you have one. Get away as quickly as you can. This will gain you vital seconds and make it more difficult for the car driver to follow. If you can, make a mental note of the number and description of the car. Write down details as soon as possible afterwards.

6. Real problems start at night, after 11pm it gets dark and in like any other city in the world, you can get robbed, including possibility of being a victim of violence etc.
Try not to travel on your own, it’s always safer in a group or at least in a pair, especially if you are a girl.
I’m not being funny, but everyone knows about obesity problem in England, so fit girls from around Europe who arrive to London are in danger of harassment.

7. When using underground in late hours, try to always pick a carriage with some passengers on, as there are small gangs of teenagers who like to pick on a loner to get some cash, if you know what I mean.

8. When you travel around the city, there’s a site I recommend, Transport for London.
It’s a government site, and it contains all important information including prices and maps, so all essential stuff.

9. If you need to use a taxi, or just prefer them, (as they are not expensive and provide you with easiest way to travel, you just need to know a name of the street) remember to use only LICENSED cabs. That’s very important. I remember when I seen that thriller about a murderer who was using a taxi that was modified inside so people can’t get out, for killing. And, even though it wasn’t a true story, those things happen, so pay attention to what taxi you get into.
It’s always best to book a cab over a mobile, so you are sure that taxi that came is licensed.

10. Also, pay attention to the road, in some places in London people drive like crazy, and even though in central London streets are usually stuffed with cars, elsewhere traffic is smaller, so cars go faster.

11. When traveling by a double-decker, on the top deck, do not try to grab lanterns and walls of buildings, it really ends in a gore-like show... silly, but people do that without realizing that if you actually do that, then something might happen...

12. When you're out and about in London try not to look like a tourist. Yeah I can hear you laughing, but - the more you
look like a local the less trouble you are likely to have. Don't wear your cameras around your neck or over your
shoulder, if you must - wear them inside a jacket. The same goes for bum bags, they are then less obvious and accessible.

Areas in London:

(based on info from London Police statistics


Tower Hamlets

A bit less dangerous:

Waltham Forest

Those of average safety:

Barking & Dagenham

Safe ones:

Kensington & Chelsea
Kingston upon Thames
Richmond Upon Thames

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13. IMPORTANT If you don’t have a mobile yet, get one. If you do find that you need the police, dial 999 or 112 from any land-line or mobile. If you have a mobile, its really easier to get help, then by trying a phone box, especially as if you are in a phone box, you can’t run with it in your hand while calling police, can you?

That would be it, I know that most of those tips apply for any big city, but London isn’t much different, believe me. If you follow those tips you can be sure that nothing bad happens and you’ll have a pleasant time in Englands Capital.

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It is always good to take safety measures, I would prefer myself avoiding getting into such situations rather than getting caught unawares.
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London is very safe, and the police are eager and numerous. Take care, but don’t forget to have fun.

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