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Part 4 : Move alone or with friends?

If you think about moving to England, do you consider moving alone,with a friend or maybe with few friends? Or, maybe with family?

Remember that it's always best to move with someone!

Here's why.

Together you will be able to rent an apartment a lot easier.

By living together you divide all expenses by two, you share them between you, which makes surviving a lot easier! If you can move with two friends that's even better.

Together your morale will be stronger.

One of big issues with moving to a different country is being generally lonely.
I noticed this feeling in myself after few months, few friends I communicate through internet who moved as well experienced same feeling.

If you move with a friend/family member it's a lot easier, you have someone to talk in your mother language every day, you have someone with you to share your problems, to talk about any rubbish you wish. You have no idea how important it is.

After being in England half a year I really missed my mother, my friends, I discovered then how important they were to me, even tho when I was living in same town I didn't feel that bond, now I realized how important they are to me.

If it's you and your partner then it'll make a great test for your relationship.

Oh yes, that's some good stuff. I met few couples who came to England either for summer or for good, to work and live together. Some of them splitted apart and came back to their country apart, but those who survived, really love each other. They went through all the problems and obstacles and that can seriously make your relationship deeper and meaningful.
* My tip: Get lots of condoms from your country, because English ones are pretty expensive ^_^ *

Now the problems you may face while moving together.

If you are planning to move with a friend...well, it's better of course, but there are bad sites as well.

When you are moving alone, you are FREE. You can just rent a room from an English family, get any job and generally make for living. You are the master of yourself in your free time, you chose what to do, when to do it, what to eat etc etc. If you find a job quickly you are set.

If you move with someone then it's two of you, you BOTH have to get a job to make for living and if you work at the same place, will be really able to spend ALL the time with the same person and not freak out?

It doesn't seem to be a problem at first, but after half a year of living with same person you can really get fed up, believe me...

If you are willing to move with your partner, it's like I said, it may either work miracles for your relationship or destroy it.

One more thing, if you know someone who already lives in England, then go for it, especially if that person can find you a job and provide shelter.

You can also try and find someone through internet, but that's not the same as moving to someone that you know from real life, there's the issue of trust. And when it comes to something like moving to a different country, you just HAVE TO trust the person you are moving with/to.

So I would like you to think about it. Every option has two sides, just like a coin.
It's an important matter, it really changes a lot so don't underestimate it.

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